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About Us


The Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC) is a workplace charitable giving program that offers State employees and eligible retirees the opportunity to conveniently, securely, and confidently contribute to charities they care about. This year’s MCC runs October 3-December 12, 2022. 927 charities are participating in the 2022 Campaign. Each has been vetted to ensure it is legitimate, fiscally sound, and performs the services stated.

The need has never been greater. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, and rising grocery and gas costs, the charities participating in the MCC are struggling to fulfill ever-increasing demand with ever-dwindling resources. The generosity of employees and retirees who give through the MCC offer hope for charities as well as those that depend on their services. 

That’s why our 2022 MCC theme is Mountain to Shore – Maryland Strong!

Our 2022 MCC goal is $2 million. With your gift, you can protect and support the most vulnerable among us. Participating causes cover issues including food insecurity to human trafficking, domestic violence to homelessness, health care to the environment, and so much more. A contribution of any amount helps. Every penny adds up, and through the MCC, individual acts of giving become a generosity movement.


An Executive Order signed by the Governor dictates how the MCC is to be handled. The Campaign is administered by the Office of the Secretary of State. Duties of the Secretary of State’s office include reviewing and approving the applications submitted by charities wishing to receive funds from the MCC, approving the operating budget of the Campaign, and monitoring the Operating Agency that is responsible for managing the Campaign.

The Governor chairs and Lt. Governor co-chairs the Campaign. Each year, the Governor appoints State cabinet member(s) to serve as Vice Chair(s).

The State of Maryland has partnered with America’s Charities, a nonprofit which inspires employees and organizations to support the each other and the causes they care about in order to bring more resources to the nonprofits that are changing our world. As the MCC’s Operating Agency, America’s Charities helps develop and facilitate the MCC.

2022 MCC Video

Coming soon! Please join us at 12 pm on October 3 as we launch the 2022 MCC Kickoff on Google Meet and be among the first to see this year’s MCC Video. Check your email for dial-in information to access the event.