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Why Donate?

Why Give?

The MCC provides donors with the opportunity to reach out and touch the lives of those in need; to sustain local, state, national and international health, educational, environmental and human service organizations; and to make a meaningful contribution to your community. And it’s so much more:

  • The MCC provides a single, coordinated appeal, rather than hundreds of individual drives.
  • The MCC is the way for State Employees and Retirees to participate in a local effort to meet local, national and international health and human care needs.
  • Nearly 1,000 charities are eligible for donations.
  • Pledge now and pay in 2020. Payroll deductions make it easier to afford a more generous gift, allowing you to make smaller contributions from each paycheck.
  • Charities that receive MCC donations may devote their MCC funds to areas where they are needed most. That’s a value-add for the donor and the charity.
  • Designated charities receive one check quarterly for multiple donations.
  • Workplace giving donors give on average five times more since they are typically deducted from paychecks all year long, providing nonprofits with sustainable, unrestricted funds.
  • The Campaign uses a state-of-the-art workplace and employee giving platform designed with Maryland’s donors in mind. It is intuitive and user-friendly, and even better, it gives Employees the experience they want when giving to charity.

Why Contribute Through the Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC)?

The MCC is a convenient, cost-efficient method to donate through the ease of payroll deduction, check, or credit card! The MCC also:

  • Makes a difference: the community-at-large can identify the commitment of State Employees and Retirees, knowing that they are improving the quality of life for all Marylanders.
  • Creates an opportunity: State Employees and Retirees may contribute to charitable organizations in an orderly and uniform process through one annual campaign.
  • Gives you the power: you choose the amount and the charity or charities to receive your gift thus giving you the opportunity to contribute to one that touches your heart.
  • Is accountable: all participating charities have been pre-screened to ensure that they are fiscally sound and that they perform the services stated.
  • Is tax deductible: you get a record of your payroll deduction every payday.
  • Is easy: you choose between regular payroll deduction, a one-time or recurring credit card contribution, or a one-time gift by check.