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Information for Charities

2021 Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC) Details 

Congratulations on your charity’s approval to participate in the 2021 MCC! Here are key details you need to know:

  • Campaign Dates: October 5-December 14, 2021. Our virtual kickoff is at Noon on October 5. Google Meet details coming soon.
  • Theme: MD Gives, Inspires Hope
  • Goal: $2 Million
  • Your Charity’s MCC Code: As it has been since 2016, your Employer Identification Number (EIN) is your MCC Charity Code.
  • Virtual Campaign: The MCC will continue to conduct virtual kickoffs, charity fairs, agency/department fundraisers online, as they were last year. No in-person events will be held.
  • Website: As always, this site you’re on,, is the digital heart of the MCC. This web page is kept up to date to assist you as the Campaign unfolds.
  • Leadership:
    • The Campaign is administered by the Office of the Secretary of State.
    • Governor Hogan chairs and Lt. Governor Rutherford co-chairs the Campaign.
    • The 2021 MCC Vice Chairs, appointed by Governor Hogan, are Director Mary Beth Tung, Ph.D., Esq., of the Maryland Energy Administration, and Special Secretary Jimmy H. Rhee of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs. 
    • America’s Charities, a nonprofit which inspires employees and organizations to support the each other and the causes they care about, is MCC’s Operating Agency, helping to develop and facilitate the MCC, including charity disbursement.
    • Hundreds of employees across the State go above and beyond their day-to-day jobs to advocate for the MCC and ensure each employee is invited to give. The MCC would not be successful without Loaned Executives, Campus Champions, and Coordinators.

Promotional Content

Use the following to promote your charity’s participation in the MCC. Be sure to include your charity’s EIN (which serves as your MCC charity code), as well as this website in all messages. Click a link to download the image to your computer. You may view them in the below Graphics Library


Add Your Video to the 2021 YouTube Playlist

Does your organization have a video that’s already uploaded to YouTube? If so – and if you are approved to participate in the 2021 MCC, of course – email the YouTube link to with the subject “2021 MCC Participating Charity Video – Your Charity Name,” and we will add it to the new 2021 MCC Participating Charities playlist on YouTube. The playlist is featured on the homepage and our YouTube channel and will be promoted via direct emails to donors, this website, the giving portal, social media, and elsewhere. Important notes:

  • We can ONLY accept links for videos already on YouTube.
  • Email no more than three YouTube links.
  • Please note, if you have selected the option “this content is made for kids” on the back-end of your video, we cannot save your video to our playlist. You will need to select that it was NOT made for kids before we can save it.
  • We are unable to accept Vimeo links, nor can we upload your mp4 file for you.
  • If your charity’s video is not on YouTube, it’s easy to upload it with a free YouTube account. This article has desktop and mobile instructions.

Thanks for helping us show, and not just tell, MCC donors about your great work!

2020 Pledge Reports

Pledge results from the 2020 MCC were emailed to charities receiving pledges in April 2021. America’s Charities distributes the contributions from these gifts on a quarterly basis. Final disbursements will be in 2022.

Graphics Library

MCC Logo

Maryland Charity Campaign Logo

MCC Campaign Poster

Donation Thermometer Poster (Fillable)

MCC Logo + 2021 Theme Combined Graphic

Charity Dollar-Buy Infographic

Banner graphic version 1

Banner graphic version 2

Ecard Infographics (Links for each ecard infographic are above)

“I Gave” Graphic


Sign Up to be Notified when the 2022 MCC Charity Application is Available

The application process for the 2021 MCC is closed and all charities have been notified of approval. If you would like to know when the 2022 MCC application is available, please complete this Google form:

This December, we will email the 2022 MCC application and instructions to all charities on our list as well as everyone who submits their email on our 2022 MCC Application Google form. For example, on December 17, 2020, we notified charities that the 2021 MCC application was available and due on February 12, 2021.

Even if you are on our email list or complete the form, it is still a good idea to mark your calendar to return to this page in mid- to late-December, as we will post the instructions, application, and due date here as well.

Need Help?

Our Help Desk is available to assist charities. Just email; call 571-458-1072, and dial “1” when prompted; or submit your request online at Please be advised that at times our Help Desk experiences unusually high volume, but they do read and reply to each and every email, call, and request, in the order it is received. We appreciate your patience as we work collaboratively to make the MCC a success!

MD Gives, Inspires Hope