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2019 MCC Participants and Advocates

Maryland Employees and Retirees Celebrate the MCC

Maryland Cares! Together We Can…

Every year, thousands of Maryland’s Employees and Retirees give back through the Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC). And they have fun in the process! Events across the State bring colleagues together for a laugh, a nosh, and ultimately to help raise the awareness about this important Campaign. Often, Departments/Agencies challenge each other to help raise even more funds for the greater good. After all, funds raised through the Campaign help the most vulnerable among us. Each donation or pledge truly makes a long-lasting impact. What’s not to celebrate?

Click here to view our YouTube playlist of charities participating in the MCC. Each of these causes is in critical need of your support!

How Are You Celebrating the MCC? 

Whether it’s a Department/Agency challenge, a fundraising party, or other efforts to drum up support, we’d love to share what you do on this page and on Facebook and Twitter! Just tag the MCC on social media using the hashtag #MCCMatters or email your photos and/or videos to with a short description and outcome of the event (number of attendees, dollars raised, etc.) and we’ll pass it on. Include your social media handles if you’d like us to tag you.

Ready to Give?

Just click here or the words “Maryland Charity Campaign” at the top of this page to take you back to the homepage, where you can choose “Give Now” to get started.

Be Someone Else’s Inspiration for Giving!

Did you pledge or donate to a cause you love through the MCC? Shout it out! The #1 people give is because they are asked. Please ask via social media! Post to Facebook or Tweet about what the MCC means to you – and make sure you include the Campaign hashtag #MCCMatters so we can “like” and share your post to amplify your message. Download the Outreach Tool Kit (it will download as a Word document) for messages that you can copy and paste into your social media and other communication channels.