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The 2016 Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC): Connecting People Who Care with Causes That Matter!

The Campaign is closed. Thank you to all who donated or pledged!

*Note: Final results are being calculated.

2017 Maryland Charity Campaign – Charity Application and Instructions

Instructions and Check List for Applicants – download here

Application for the 2017 Maryland Charity Campaign – download here

Pictures from the January 24 Thank You Luncheon

We appreciate our Campaign Volunteers so much. We met on January 24 at the Montgomery Park Building, also known as “The Auditorium,” to express our appreciation to 2016 MCC Coordinators and Champions, and to announce this year’s Campaign Leadership Awards. To view the photos from the event, please click here.

MCC Participants and Advocates

There have been some truly creative (and often hilarious!) videos from people who are donating to eligible charities in the MCC, then helping to spread the word. Click here to see their videos. Then show us what you got! We would love to see your photos, videos, and other announcements about your participation in the MCC.

Help spread the word on social media! Just click here to download our Social Media Tool Kit and here to download the corresponding graphics you can use with your social media posts. Please use the campaign hashtag #MCCmatters so we can aggregate the social conversation.

dchd  #22for22challenge

Loaned Executive and Coordinator Resources

Maryland Charity Campaign volunteers – thank you for your service! Click here to get started.

About the Maryland Charity Campaign

View our animated video, plus hear from Maryland Governor Hogan, Secretary Wobensmith, and Lt. Governor Rutherford, all about the MCC!

Wait, there’s more! Watch the animation-only video here, and hear from Governor Hogan, Secretary Wobensmith, and Lt. Governor Rutherford here.

Don’t just take it from us! Click here to watch the playlist of MCC participants and advocates, including the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and UMBC.

Can’t get enough? Watch the 2015 MCC video here. Our YouTube channel has them all! #MCCMatters


Need Help?!

Scroll down or click here to read answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Message from Governor Larry Hogan & Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford

A Message from Secretary of State John C. Wobensmith

A Message from Department of Natural Resources Secretary, Mark Belton, and Maryland Department of the Environment Secretary, Ben Grumbles

Why Giving Counts

State Employees are giving people and want to contribute. Helping others is rewarding and as a Maryland Charity Campaign Loaned Executive you see first hand how we help others-THAT FEELING WILL LAST FOREVER.

Joseph Bach
Loaned Executive
Department of Commerce








$1 per pay period (x 26 pays = $26): price of 1 soda:

  • Provides 70 meals to Marylanders in need
  • 1 hour of addiction counseling

$5 per pay period (x 26 pays = $130): price of 1 Café Latte:

  • Plants 12 trees, offsetting 15 tons of carbon dioxide emissions
  • 40 new books to children in need, encouraging literacy

$10 per pay period (x 26 pays = $260): price of 1 movie matinee:

  • 2 breast cancer screenings for needy women
  • 10 days of food, clothing, and shelter for 1 child

$20 per pay period (x 26 pays = $520): the price of 1 takeout meal:

  • 5 uninsured women receive free wellness exams
  • 15 children’s flu vaccines
Governor's Office


Call 800-458-9505, dial “1” when prompted; or email


How much money did the Maryland Charity Campaign raise last year?

In 2015, the Maryland Charity Campaign raised $3.1 million. Our goal for 2016 is $3.3 million.


OUR GOAL for 2016: